The college admissions process is no longer simple and straightforward. Coupled with academic performance, standardized test scores and personal interests, gaining acceptance to the college of choice is based on a student's compelling history. College-WATCH recognizes that each student can present a unique story that distinguishes him or her in the college admission process.

Through the College-WATCH proven and systematic process, students develop deeper insights into their talents, goals and interests to determine the best 'college-student fit". To build a foundation required to reach the college of his or her dreams, a student needs professional advisors, modern tools, a proven strategy and an individualized plan. Our strategic approach to college admissions counseling  is designed to enhance student acceptance at colleges and universities of their choice. 

The College-WATCH exclusive "4-P System": PLANNING, PREPARATION, PERFORMANCE, PERSISTENCE is a student's advantage and successfully guides high school and community college students to successful college admissions outcomes. Our consultants are former educators and application readers for top-tier universities, who understand the qualities colleges seek in their students. Students who partner with our consultants identify individual qualities and achievements that strengthen their college application.

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As more qualified students apply to college, institutions continue to raise admissions standards. Admissions is no longer a one or two-year process, but a 4-year commitment to planning, allocating resources, dedicating time and taking all the steps needed to successfully prepare a student for admission to college.
College-WATCH "Customers" Speak Out!

Because of her expertise in working with her student's strengths and weaknesses to develop the best application, my daughter got into the top colleges including Brown, Northwestern and all of the UCs and USC, and chose to attend Northwestern! If you are seriously considering investing in your teen's education, this will be the best money spent. I definitely recommend College-WATCH to any student who wants to make most out of their application process to get results! Our consultant was the best!"

 Parent of 2010-2011 Student to accepted to several Ivy Institutions

I just want to thank you for all your help. The whole application process is really hard to get through and I am recommending College-WATCH to many people because your guidance makes a big difference in managing the stress and the amount of work. The best part I about working with College-WATCH was that my consultant was always available to talk and that makes a huge difference. Anytime I had a question, I could turn to her. And as far as the overall process, she helped lay out everything that needed to be done, and  set deadlines so I wouldn't be stressed last minute, which thankfully, I was not.

 2010-2011 Student Accepted to UOP Accelerated Dental Program

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It was a pleasure to work with College-WATCH. Our consultant was a genuinely kind and compassionate person, even through the most stressful period of my daughter's senior year, she was very supportive and caring. I have to say that she is the best in all areas. Working with her was very affordable and the way she worked with my daughter definitely brought results.
As one admission representative of a highly selectively school put it: It is no longer enough to be a good student; one must be a great applicant.

College-WATCH is committed to helping each student become a great applicant.

 This why parents and students must start the process early:

  • The college admission process is increasingly complex and highly competitive.
  • Highly selectively colleges evaluate and admit students whose presents comprehensive high school careers who create an individual that admissions representatives envision and want on their campus.
  • The increasing responsibilities and decreasing number of high school counselors leave less time for comprehensive college admission counseling for individual students.
  • Most students who earn acceptance to colleges have a support network to assist them throughout high schools and during the admission process.
  • Student acceptance relates improve when a comprehensive strategic plan is developed, executed and professionally monitored.
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